Aging-appropriate blood glucose meter

Name Aging-appropriate blood glucose meter
Performance change of the target group Taxonomy
Problem The number of diabetes patients in Germany is growing steadily. The international diabetes foundation states a number of 7,6 million people with diabetes in Germany (Aguiree et al., 2013).
More than half of those affected are older than 65 years whereby the risk of the disease rises with increasing age (Girlich, Hoffmann, & Bollheimer, 2014; Zeyfang, Bahrmann, & Wernecke, 2013).
In the context of a therapy of the disease often an autonomous and continuous control of the blood sugar level by the patient itself is necessary.
Therefore so-called blood glucose meters are used. In the context of the development of such products especially for elderly people it is important to consider certain requirements.
Place of action Mobil, Home
Solution approach
  • Transport bag with space for blood glucose meter, testing stripes, charger, insulin, medication and sugar
  • Clearly indicate the orientation of the testing stripe for an insertion into the blood glucose meter
  • Testing stripe must be backlash-free
  • Testing stripe and slot should be illuminated
  • Provide data storage for more than 3 months
Limitations sample not representative (diabetics of all types with experience of more than ten years)
Further design patterns