Eye Movement Analysis

Frau mit Eyetracking-Device

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless (SMI ETG 2w) is an eye-tracking System integrated in glasses which is able to record the eye-movements of humans. An analysis of saccades and fixations gives an insight into perception and cognitive psychological processes. Three cameras and six infrared analysers record the testing environment as well as the eyes of the participant independently of each other with 60 Hz. An automatic parallax compensation ensures an accurate measurement data acquisition. The glasses enable maximum peripheral and binocular seeing which allows particular realistic depth perception and natural visual orientation of the participant.

Technical data

  • measurement rate 60 Hz binocular
  • front camera for recording the surrounding; one camera per eye
  • 6 infrared-measurements per eye (special indoor- and outdoor-glasses)
  • accuracy of approx. 0,5°
  • transmission rate in real time approx. 4 ms
  • only applicable without glasses or lenses