Kinematic Analysis

Sturzpass-App im Labor

The Vicon Bonita 10 system records movements and postures with reflective markers that are affixed to the body by using infrared cameras. The easy handling enables on-the-spots measurements or workplace analyses during ongoing production. The usual evaluation is performed via a Nexus Software which synchronizes the measurement data with the recorded video signal. An evaluation with the help of MATLAB or Phyton can be processed automatically. Optionally the Vicon Bonita 10 system can be combined with our electromyographic system.

Bonita Optical

Technical data

  • recording rate 250 fps (measuring camera) and 350 fps (video camera)
  • resolution 1 megapixel (1024 x 1024 px) per camera
  • lense range up to 13 m
  • wide angle 70,29° x 70,29° (4 mm)
  • narrow angle 26,41° x 26,41° (12 mm)