Biomechanical Measurement

Sturzpass-App im Labor

With the Noraxon DTS system it is possible to wirelessly transmit electromyografic and biomechanical signals. Thereby it’s possible to record the muscle activity via skin surface electrodes, blink characteristics as well as heart frequency. The system is able to aggregate up to 12 different analogous input signals that can make them available for kinematic systems (e.g. VICON).

Technical data

  • 16 bit resolution
  • recording rate 1,500 Hz (16 channels)
  • recording rate 3,000 Hz (8 channels)
  • selectable low-pas filter 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz, 1,500 Hz
  • areas of application
    • posture analysis (particularly relevant)
    • load analysis and stress analysis
    • product and workplace valuation
    • registration of muscle activity and muscle exhaustion
    • muscle functioning test
    • symmetry and coordination test