Age Simulation

GERT stands for “GERontological Testing Suit” and is an age simulation suit that has been developed based on scientific findings. It simulates an age increase between 30 and 40 years.

Simulation of:

  • clouding of the lense
  • narrowing visual field
  • high-frequency deafness
  • restriction of head mobility
  • ankyloses
  • loss of strength
  • restriction of gripping
  • restriction of coordination capacity
  • diverse clinical pictures (tremor, tinnitus, sight defects, etc.)

The possible applications of this modular suit are diverse. The most significant is the sensitization of the user who gets a feel for elderly and their requirements and needs by experiencing a sudden aging. Furthermore the suit is used for process and product design because the sudden aging effect of process participants has also a positive impact on process and working place design.